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Sexy Zone's new single, ぎゅっと (Gyutto) has been announced! It will release on October 4th in three versions.

Gyutto itself will be used as the title theme for Fuuma's upcoming drama, "Wagahai no Heya dearu" (official website here) and the lyrics are written by him.

The covers haven't been released yet, but here are the tracklists:

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Link: [community profile] ho_summer

Description: Ho! Summer is a JE FQF exchange, dedicated to writing some hot summertime porn for each other. All JE groups are welcome, debuted and jr. We weren't sure when/if the LJ FQF was going to run again, so we decided to start one on DW.

Sign-Ups: May 1st-14th (we opened them a couple days early!)
Assignments: May 20th
Fics Due: June 24th
Posting: July 1st
Reveals: July 8th

Rules post right here
Sign-up post right here

Also we're hoping to do a few smaller bonus rounds or prompt rounds or treats, etc, over the course of the exchange, which everyone is welcome to try even if you aren't able to do the main exchange, so you're welcome to subscribe to the comm either way if you're a JE fan.

Any questions, I can be reached here, PM, or mousapelli at gmail. There's also a mod account at [personal profile] hosummer_mod. One tiny note specific to SZ is that the character porn cut off age is 18, which means that while Marius can totally be in your fic, he can't be a porn focus. Next year, guys!

Please spread the word! I'm not sure where/how to advertise to fans of some groups these days such as Arashi, KAT-TUN, News, etc, so any suggestions of active comms or places would be welcome!

(should I tag this anything?)
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Welcome to [community profile] sexy_zone! This is a one-member small community dedicated to the Japanese male idol group Sexy Zone (the xy is red!). It's also very bare-bone right now, but everybody is welcome to contribute!

If you are new to the community and want to introduce yourself, this is the place to do it. Feel free to write whatever you want in your comment, or copy-paste and fill the little form below in case you're unsure about what to write. You're also encouraged to chat other members up, of course.


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