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Name:Sexy Zone DW community
Website:Sexy Zone @ Johnny's net
Posting Access:All Members
LINKS: members intro post | fic meme/requests

- Be courteous to other members.
- Do not post links to locked entries unless it's to a community with open membership.
- Do your best to tag your posts appropriately.

Sharing files:
- Entries containing links to download any kind of material need to be locked to members only.
- If you are sharing material provided not by yourself, make sure you have permission and include proper credit.

- Fanfictions must have at least one main character who is a member of Sexy Zone.
- Fanfictions need to include a header containing at minimum: rating, length, main characters and eventual pairings, a short summary.
- Fanfictions of rating higher than PG-13 involving Marius or other underage characters need to be locked to members only.

- Any image larger than 500x500px must go under a cut. You are free to post a preview below that size outside of a cut.
- Icon posts can have up to five sample/preview icons outside of a cut.
- GIFs posted outside of a cut must be under 1MB.

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